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You should check out Meeshkan. It's an app that allows data science teams to train, test, and deploy ML models right from Slack. Meeshkan is free and can be installed into your Slack workspace in less than a minute.

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Change a learning rate, pause training, and redistribute compute with simple Slack commands.



Schedule training and testing, containerize models, and share models with colleauges on Slack.



Need-to-know push notifications, a bot that helps you along and best-in-class support.


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Meeshkan's monitoring tools are free forever. For enterprise clients, your dedicated Account Manager will work with you to come up with a suite of custom features, from pausing and restarting models to data ingress, that correspond to your use case.

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Get Meeshkan's most popular features, like monitoring training parameters and getting instant stats about your training.

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Interact with us right on Slack to pause and resume training, redistribute compute, and receive bot and human support.

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